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The short pitch: Reboot a classic adventure story. 

The (slightly) longer pitch: Start with any adventure story (or character from an adventure story) in the public domain. Then reboot, reinvent, reimagine. Play with any of the tools of fanfiction, including (but not limited to) alternate universe, alternate ending, alternate point of view, or crossover (grafting together different fictional worlds). 

Want some possible examples? Think: Captain Nemo's origin story; Tarzan returning to the jungle as an old man; Zorro dueling D'artagnan; Robinson Crusoe, from Friday's point of view.


Speaking of alternate points of view: The old adventure tales were great, but they were almost all written by white guys about white guys. For this anthology, diversity among characters and contributors will be a point of emphasis.  

What's an "adventure story?"

Action & danger are central to the story. Here's a starter list of classic adventure fiction. Note that while the source material should be an adventure story in the public domain, your reboot doesn't necessarily have to be. Maybe you want to write about Tarzan discovering inner peace through adult coloring books, I don't know.

What are the parameters?

Pretty flexible. In terms of length, let's say as short as one page, and as long as thirty. Any form, any genre.

If your story has not been previously published, it will be considered for publication in Booth and in a forthcoming anthology to be published by Break Away Books. If it has been previously published, it's still eligible for publication in the anthology, so go ahead and submit it.  

This submission portal will close on April 15, 2017. 

Questions? Email furuness(at)gmail.com
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